Cracked Plaster

Remedy Kettlebell

Plaster is a vital element in pool construction to keep water completely contained and to prevent seepage and leaks. Proper
maintenance is critical to keep the plaster in perfect working order and to preserve the bright, new finish. That bright finish adds to the beauty of crystal clear water everyone expects to find in a pool.

Poolside technicians are trained to look at the plaster surface for imperfections, lines, and cracks. A number of factors can contribute to plaster damage and the sooner damage is discovered, the easier the repair tends to be remedied. Water composition and chemical imbalances can lead to a number of problems, such as: etching, faded color & brightness, scaling, chipping, flaking, discoloration, and cracks.

Factors in Cracked Pool Plaster:

  • Extreme heat - causes cracks
  • Acidic water - causes erosion of plaster, etching, and fading of color
  • High mineral content in water - causes chipping, flaking, and scaling
  • Improper chemical balance - causes etching and discoloration
  • If you find cracks or lines in the plaster of your pool, call for an evaluation and a free estimate.