Cardio Kickboxing

Want to burn tons of calories in a fun, high-energy environment? In our Cardio Kickboxing class our experienced Coaches will take the time to show you how to punch and kick safely and effectively. Kickboxing is a fun, engaging way to lose body fat and tone muscles. It is also very empowering for men and women and helps reduce stress, improve coordination, cardiovascular health, reflexes, and balance all while burning massive amounts of calories so you can achieve that flat belly and toned arm look you’ve been striving for.

Our Cardio Kickboxing class uses a HIIT training format and incorporates heavy bags and kettlebells, circuit training and Tabata training to burn up to 1000 calories in a single hour. Not only is this a great physical workout but it is also a great stress reliever and confidence booster. You might be surprised how good it feels to hit a bag. Don’t forget your boxing gloves.