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Remedy Kettlebell Club

Our classes are designed to help you improve and maintain optimal health throughout your lifetime.  We believe that although aging is inevitable, growing old is optional.  By increasing your movement and strength you are also increasing your quality of life by improving every aspect of how your body functions, from digestion to blood flow and improved sleep,  decreasing your risk of illness or injury, reducing medical expenses and, ultimately, just feeling better.

Building the foundation

Unlike the big commercial gyms that provide a large variety of equipment with little to no instruction, leaving members to wander around and do a little bit of everything without ever really achieving results, we only need one tool to smash your goals and to keep you coming back for more.  We take the time to educate you, not only on the movements but how they carry over into daily life and sports.  Each and every class was designed by one of our highly experienced Certified Trainers; no WODs or computer-generated, cookie-cutter classes here!

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Programs / Classes



Our Foundations onboarding program breaks down the basic movements that we build upon in the Fitness and Strength programs. These movements are specifically designed to not only improve your total body strength, balance and coordination, mobility and flexibility but to directly tie into movements in daily life, like carrying small children, lifting and moving heavy objects, getting up and down from the floor and navigating multiple planes and surfaces.  This is the introductory program for all new members.  Once approved by a Trainer, members are free to attend the Fitness and Strength programs after completing the Foundations Program.  You’re still welcome to attend Foundations classes for a simple-effective workout any time.



Our Fitness program was designed to increase daily energy and improve overall health.  Expanding upon the basic movements learned in the Foundations program, we move at a faster pace, keeping heart rates elevated and incorporate body weight movements, animal movements and kettlebell movements.  We introduce timed sets here, for those that may be interested in learning the kettlebell Sport movements.  We also now offer cardio kickboxing classes as part of our Fitness program.



Our Strength program was designed to work side-by-side with the Fitness program to increase work capacity, total body strength and muscle endurance.  We use heavier weight, lower reps and a slower pace to test your muscles, lungs, heart and will.  We incorporate variations of kettlebell movements, including double kettlebells, maces, sandbags, tires and traditional strength equipment like dumbbells and barbells.  We also work timed sets for those that may be interested in learning kettlebell Sport movements.


Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing classes are designed to create a fun, empowering HIIT training experience.  Burn massive amounts of calories to help lose body fat, increase cardiovascular fitness, and learn proper striking techniques.  Don’t forget to bring your boxing gloves (available for purchase).

Remedy Kettlebell Club

Pricing Packages

Limited Memberships include 5 or 6 Classes per month (no rollovers for unused classes).

Unlimited Memberships include access to all classes; Train as frequently as you like.  Unlimited Members also receive 10% off product purchases and 1 free mobility/recovery/stretch session per month.

Personal Training is available for those that prefer one-on-one personal training.  Work with a certified professional who will assess your goals and tailor a program specifically for your needs.  Personal Training is available by appointment only.

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*Price available with 12-month contract. Contract can be canceled before completion with 30-days’ notice, however regular monthly pricing would apply as cancellation fee.

A one-time sign-up fee of $29 is added to your first payment.