Recovery is the single most important discipline in any training program. It allows our bodies to heal the damage that was incurred during training so we can come back stronger. Strength training breaks down the muscle, nutrition and proper recovery help build it back. If you just keep grinding but don’t take the time to recover you will see diminishing returns and eventually get injured. It’s kind of like restocking a grocery store: if you don’t make the time eventually there will be nothing left. Take the time to restore tissue damage and lost nutrients so you can bounce back like a sling shot.

Recovery doesn’t mean binge eating and streaming movies all day. Active recovery is best for those that train hard and lead busy lives.

Yoga is a great practice for active recovery. Lifting a lot of weights, working a job with repetitive movements and training frequently tightens and shortens the muscles. Stretching and relaxing helps lengthen the muscles and prevent injuries. Our Yoga Stretch (Yin) class is a yoga-inspired stretch class for athletes (and those with stressful lifestyles) and incorporates deep stretching and poses designed to increase flexibility, mobility, and recovery. Longer holds and increased relaxation specifically designed to help athletes and those with busy lifestyles who tend to “Go” and “Push” all the time and don’t make the time to “Pause” and “Reflect”. We use yoga mats, blocks, and bands (all available on-site). Dim the lights and relax your way into a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.

Stick mobility is an active stretch therapy we offer that uses leverage to increase mobility and balance for increased recovery and pain reduction. This is self-assisted, active stretch therapy that we include in our program to increase flexibility, range of motion, joint mobilization and prevent injuries. We have seen clients reduce (if not eliminate) chronic pain using this type of therapy. Mobility exercises are great for all adults, but especially those that train regularly or work in an environment with repetitive movements. We use stick mobility as a warmup or a cool down in many of our strength and fitness classes.

We also offer Assisted Stretching sessions. Many of us struggle with tight shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and back pain. An assisted stretch coach can help reduce if not eliminate these issues entirely. Assisted stretching is great for those with overly tight muscles or folks that don’t make the time to stretch on their own. With consistent assisted stretching sessions, you should see:

  • Decreased back pain
  • Decreased muscle tightness
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Increased athleticism
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved sleep and recovery

We offer single 20-minute Assisted Stretching sessions, or 5- and 10-Packs of sessions. Click Appointments below and select Appointment Packs for more information.